Percussionist (drum set, vibes, xylophone, doumbek, bongos , waterphone) Gary Irvine's first job was checking the elastic band at an underpants factory. After noticing the beautiful twang sound the elastic band made Gary decided to switch to music as a career. He received his B.A. In Music at San Diego State University. While there, he was introduced to the instruments of Harry Partch and spent the next 18 years as a member of the Harry Partch Ensemble. After college, Gary played drum set in a variety of jazz, rock, big band, and show bands. He played concert percussion with the San Diego Symphonia, Star Light Opera and the La Jolla Chamber Orchestra. In the 1980s, Gary worked in Los Angeles as a recording musician. He recorded national commercials (Shell Oil, IBM. Turtle Wax, Polaroid) and movies (Brainstorm, The Lion of the Desert, The Black Cauldron, and Never Cry Wolf). He wrote music and designed sound for local L.A. Theaters. He won the 1983 Drama Logue Award for Original Music and Sound Design for the play, Don Juan Comes Home from the War. He was also a band member for the Drammy award winning musicals No Way To Treat A Lady (2008), Into the Woods (2009), (both for Best Musical Direction) and the Portland Music Award for best world music band 2008 and 2009 (3 Leg Torso). Gary has been playing jazz, classical and shows in the Portland area since 1991. If you would like to send Gary an e note click here.

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