Listen to Frog...Secret Agent or My Level Water,
cuts from 3 Leg Torso's second CD, ASTOR IN PARIS.


Listen to Baym Rebyn in Palesteena or Divertissements for Performing Bears,
cuts from 3 Leg Torso's first CD.

Or see clips of 3 leg Torso's work with animators and filmmakers,  

3 Leg Torso's Video Archive,

(If you need one, you can download a free Realmedia Player or MP3 Player.)


The Three Leg Torso CD is available from

The CD is also available through Nail Distribution

Order the CD directly from 3 Leg Torso,
by sending fifteen dollars (US $15.00) to

3 Leg Torso
PO BOX 42502
Portland, OR.

Check or money order only please.
Make payable to 3LT Music.

Available at selected Tower Records
and Border's Books and Music locations.

For booking or other information, contact Jessica Beer
Phone (503) 235 0355 \ email:

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