After being handed down the family clarinet at the tender age of 8, T.J. Arko soon discovered what was to be his destiny. However, at 16, he left the lucrative world of clarinet behind, and picked up the guitar in search of more polyphonic endeavors. A year later, he began playing drum set. T.J. attempted, unsuccessfully, for the next 3 years to resuscitate "grunge" by playing guitar and drums in several rock bands around Portland. When rock stardom didn't come knocking, he decided to get serious and narrow down his focus of study in college. After sifting through such prestigious majors as psychology, clowning, and business, he settled on music.

With a bachelor's degree in music in hand, he set out on a quest to carve out a living doing what he loves. T.J. teaches lessons in drums, percussion, guitar, and bass. He performs in several groups around town, and freelances as a performer, composer, clinician, and studio musician. He is also a singer/songwriter and performs in a variety of venues from coffeehouses and private parties to weddings and concert halls.

Besides being a musician, T.J. is also a licensed massage therapist and an amateur street magician and juggler. He has a beautiful wife, two kids, and enjoys moonlit walks on the beach.

For booking or other information, contact Béla R. Balogh
Phone (503) 740-9614 \ email: bela@3legtorso.com

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